"Stratégův postup velmi jednoduše spočívá ve zpochybňování převládajících předpokladů pomocí jediné otázky (Proč?) a v neúnavném kladení stejné otázky těm, kdo jsou odpovědni za současný způsob, jakým se věci dělají, a to tak dlouho, až jim z toho bude špatně."
Kenichi Ohmae

"The strategist’s method is, very simply, to challenge the prevailing assumptions with a single question (Why?), and to tirelessly continue giving the same question to those who are responsible for the current way things are being done until you make them feel sick."
Kenichi Ohmae

Lasvit s.r.o. is a multinational company located in the Czech Republic. It produces and installs design lights, glass architectonic features and art objects made of glass, mostly in piece, exclusive designs made to order. Its place of business is primarily on the markets of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America.

Within our project we were in charge of these key activities:

  • Segmentation
  • Assortment proposal
  • Economic indicators
  • Competition


The Fenix Vysocanska Shopping Center was opened as a pure developers project in 2008. Due to the increase in competition and the economic crisis, a new concept of the Fenix Shopping Center needed to be created in accordance with the development of the needs and requirements of the customers. 

We were in charge of these key activities:

  • Location of the shopping center and its uniqueness
  • Brand definition
  • Proposal of new tenants
  • Detailed segmentation of the target group
  • Setting up the working principles of the shopping cente
  • Communication strategy and plan
  • Making briefs for architects and the creative (exterior, interior, logo, creative communication concept)


Cofely a.s. was founded in 2012 by a merger and renaming of the companies Spectrum and Fabricom.

We were in charge of these key activities

  • Setting up the newly introduced Cofely brand for the Czech market – vision, mission, brand definition (attributes, benefits, essence…)
  • Managerial summary – creation of a strategic document
  • Internal communication (special workshops – e.g. Café)
  • External communication (PR, events, 1to1…)
  • Rebranding

 What followed was the creation and implementation of marketing strategy and the long-term realization of PR activities.


Arbes specializes in SW solutions in the field of banking and finances (the first Internet banking in the Czech Republic for Expandia bank)

We were in charge of these key activities:

  • Formulation of basic company strategy (including shortened environment and competition analyses)
  • Finding the difference
  • Positioning
  • Brand definition
  • Creative brief for the creation of a new corporate design
  • Organization and supervision of the tender for the creation of the corporate design
  • Supervision of the creation of new materials


Annonce is a Czech traditional advertising newspaper and server for both private and commercial advertising.

We were in charge of these key activities:

  • Marketing analyses (overall + commodity)
  • Involving Annonce in the project The Czech in the network
  • Realization of the research in cooperation with TNS Aisa
  • Finding the market potential
  • Creation of the vision + further business consultations
  • Defining of the vision, values and brand
  • Creation of new products
  • New web portal www.annonce.cz – supervision of the UX analyses, design of a new portal, functionalities, graphic layout, testing
  • A design of completely independent project for students and youths
  • Creation of a new concept of the printed Annonce
  • Creation of a brief for the creation of a corporate design + supervision of the tender and the creation
  • Supervision of the tender for a communication agency


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